At Reurge, we have a streamlined three-step R&D process for any project that we undertake:


Identify the Problem

Defining the problem well is the crucial first step of any research and development project. We listen to our clients and try to understand what challenges they seek to overcome. To add depth to the problem statement, we follow two trusted processes:

Marketing Research

During the market research, we identify the current technology and solutions others are using to tackle similar challenges. We also try to pinpoint the novelty of these solutions, and what makes them unique.

Discussion with the Reurge Team

We trust our experts. Before we set the ball rolling, we have a team discussion where we discuss what problems and obstacles they might encounter during the research process, and what they might need to find the solution to the given problem.


Idea Generation

We analyze the problem closely and come up with different concepts that might help us to solve it. Once the idea generation part is done, we make sure that the concept we choose to work on has the highest chances of succeeding. Two processes that take place at this stage are:

Concept Discussion

In most cases, our team of engineers, scientists, and field experts hail from three or more countries. The team has intense discussions on the pros and cons of different concepts – and the best of them is chosen by the way of mutual agreement.

Research on Concept

Once a concept is finalized, we re-study it once again to check whether it is pragmatic and good for the future. Reurge’s team of geniuses are quite good at coming up with the downsides of a possible solution – and improvising constantly until they reach a solution which is best for the situation.


Application of Solutions

Once we have a concept that we like in hand, we take it to the table after getting approval from the client. At this stage, we undergo the following process:

Discussion with Clients

Reurge team presents the concept to the client and the final decision is only taken after rigorous and detailed discussions with the client. If the client suggests any changes or raises any objections, we go back to the idea generation stage.

Assigning Dedicated Team for the Project

The dedicated team of engineers, scientists, and field researchers are assigned to the project. This team works according to the pre-determined action plan and is quite responsive to the client’s queries and feedback.

Progress Management

Reurge keeps sending progress reports to the client from time-to-time. The client team can keep a tally with the project plan and point out any pros and cons of the process. We understand that when you place trust in us, we bear the duty to answer any questions or doubts you may have. Our reporting system is thoroughly oiled and polished and you can ask for any details you may like during the R&D process.

Final Presentation

Once we complete the research and development work, we make the final presentation. On the big day, the Reurge team will present you with the final versions of our work with full and detailed explanations.


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