How do you use fabric? You make clothes out of it. You use it as your bedding and upholstery. You may use the dishcloth and apron in the kitchen.

That's what the standard answer sounds like, isn’t it?

Did you know that scientists are already working on metamaterials that we know as Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak?

Well, textile innovations have made it possible to put fabric to several other uses. Here are some of the most exciting futuristic textile innovations we love:

Wind and Water Resistant Wool: Merino wool fibers have been made wind and water resistant using the latest ‘Optim' fiber stretching technology in which fine wool yarns are created by pre-stretching them. The finished wool fabric has very high thread density in both warp and weft. The fabric is wet-finished to make it so dense that it is able to resist both wind and water better.

All this is done without any chemical treatments, and without losing the desired properties of the Merino wool (such as its breathability).

Smart Textiles: Digitally enhanced fabrics use technology to sense their environment and hence, have several biomedical and telemedicine uses. Using nanotechnology to function, they can be used to monitor heart rate, ECG, EEG, and EMG of a person. In sportswear, they can determine an athlete's performance while in the military and defense environment, they can be used to detect toxic gases or prevent injuries.

Smart bras these days have sensors to measure one's heart rate.

Smart textiles can be quite useful in the fashion and entertainment industry too as they can react to the light and environment and change their colors accordingly.

Clothing System for Extreme Cold: The US Army clothing experts are field testing their 'Cold Temperature and Arctic System' designed to counter cold up to -65 degree Fahrenheit! The current 'Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS)' they are using offers keeps the soldiers safe till -40 to -45 degree Fahrenheit.

The new innovative prototype is more effective, lighter, and fits better than its predecessor.

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