Farming is the economy’s main driver for most of the countries. And the field is not immune to latest technology developments and information revolution. Hundreds of agriculture tech startups are vying for their piece of the innovation market in the field.

Reurge has an enviable talent pool of agriculture scientists, biotech engineers, and ag-tech experts who are working on a number of innovation projects in the field – right from hardware engineering related to irrigation systems to cultivating future cash crops.

The Reurge team of agriculture innovators works in the various fields, such as:

  • Adaption innovations for climate change challenges
  • Agricultural engineering and farm mechanization
  • Biotech and nanotech tools to develop diagnostics and immuno-prophylactics for various diseases in animals
  • Conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources (from plants, insects and microorganisms that are useful for agriculture)
  • Development of e-resources to share agricultural knowledge and information and allow the farmers to reach out to different marketplaces
  • Development of improved crop varieties or hybrids, eco-friendly and sustainable crop production and protection technologies, and tools required for it
  • Development of new vaccines
  • Development of seed production and sustainable management models for fisheries
  • Horticulture
  • Improving reproduction efficiency of livestock
  • Intellectual property management
  • Livestock or poultry genomics
  • Nutrigenomics, Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Probiotics for enhancing nutrient utilization
  • Refinement of seed production technologies
  • Stem cell research for animal health and production
  • Sustainable management of natural resources