Science fiction often features aviation innovations such as futuristic jumbo jets and jet-powered backpacks. Most real-life innovations happening in the aviation industry are much less glamorous though.

ECOS (Efficient Cabin & Open Space) baggage system which shows whether a locker is full or still has storage space left; the Watchdog sensor which prevents accidental activation of the emergency escape slides (which is quite expensive); Revolution Toilets that are made up of recyclable materials, are 30% lighter than traditional toilet bowls and use a 360-degree flush system that uses only two-thirds of water are some of the less-talked about innovative steps that are changing our flying experiences.

Reurge's aviation experts and aircraft engineers help the aerospace industry to come up with cutting-edge technologies to improve the efficiency, sustainability and customer experience of the commercial aviation.

The fields of innovation in the aviation industry in which we work include:

  • Air Traffic Management
  • Airline's New Distribution Capability (NDC)
  • Battery technology
  • Blockchain technology (for identity management, enabling frequent flyer programs, custody-change tracking for the baggage, and tokenization of e-tickets)
  • Chatbots
  • Drones and ultra-short-haul commercial flights
  • Green power
  • Indoor positioning systems
  • In-flight apps for smart phones
  • Sharing seats on private jets (for cheaper travel)
  • Smart materials
  • Ultra-high commercial flights
  • Vehicle performance and efficiency
  • Vertiport infrastructure in cities
  • VR and AR views of information at the airports