Banking – Finance

The fintech startups, banks and credit unions are using data and analytics expensive these days to remain profitable and digitizing processes to provide better, quick and more reliable services to their clients. The future of the banking sector will be based on this fast pace of innovation in the field.

In the times when tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon are entering the financial service industry, Reurge can help you remain at the top of your game with amazing innovations. Our banking and finance innovation experts work in the various fields related to the industry, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NLP and IoT for the bank and finance sector
  • Banking business models and new value chains
  • Banking of Things (BoT) services which provide insights and reminders based on the movements in your account
  • Cloud-based computing for banks
  • Creation, diffusion and adoption of financial innovation
  • Credit scoring and credit rating
  • Crowd sourcing ideas from customers through social apps
  • Derivatives and structured products
  • E-banking applications, portals, benchmarking, business models and practices
  • Financial innovation models and drivers
  • Bank and transaction security models
  • Market intelligence and business insights services
  • Mobile banking with conversational interfaces
  • New financial instruments
  • Outsourcing/process modelling and business process reengineering
  • Payment systems and payment instruments (including crypto currencies)
  • Retail and wholesale banking services and instruments
  • Risk transfer financial instruments
  • Robot-advisors and other robotic services
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) support services