Energy Material

Reurge's energy experts are committed to explore, discover and find applications of novel, low-cost, and high-performance clean energy materials. We have rounded up engineers and scientists from around the world to work on critical research & development projects that fill in gaps in the field of innovation related to clean energy materials.

We collaborate with the private as well as public sector companies to develop and deploy new disruptive approach to materials discovery. We also employ AI-enabled technology to accelerate advanced energy materials discovery.

Reurge team of energy innovators can work on:

  • Advanced Solar Cells and other functional materials
  • Affordable Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage
  • Clean Energy Materials,
  • Commercial and Residential Energy Management
  • Fuel Generation
  • Low-energy Semiconductors
  • Nano Catalysts for Diesel Engine Emission Remediation
  • Nano-composite Materials and Processes
  • Next Generation Energy Technologies
  • Non-toxic and Higher Energy Density Batteries
  • Off-Grid Access to Electricity
  • Optimization of Industry Energy Use
  • Renewable and Clean Hydrogen
  • Smart Grids and Energy Storage
  • Special Coatings for various purposes
  • Sustainable Biofuels
  • Thermal and Degradation Resistant Materials
  • Traffic and Vehicle Energy Management