It is due to innovations related to the environment that have made it possible for the ozone layer to repair successfully. Reurge's team of eco-innovation experts work on different types of innovations for the environment keeping in mind the government regulations, optimization of R&D costs, and benefits of the customers of the company we collaborate with.

Governments all over the world are pushing firms to reduce air, water or noise emissions, avoid the use of hazardous substances in their manufacturing processes, and make their products as recyclable as possible. Moreover, we also work on projects that try to increase the efficiency of materials and energy used during production, and to reduce the waste.

Various types of environmental innovations Reurge works on include:

  • Circular Economic innovations (such as water separation & sorting technology, recycling thermal waste treatment, waste disposable, utilization of landfill gas, and environmental remediation),
  • Clean Energy and its storage (such as power generation, eco-friendly use of fossil fuels, storage technologies, and efficient grids)
  • Environmental-friend Transport systems (such as biofuels, hybrid cars, fuel cells, efficient combustion engines, intelligent traffic control, and sustainable mobility management as in case of car sharing or vehicle fleet management)
  • Environmentally conscious product designs
  • Sustainable water management (water procurement, treatment, distribution, and usage efficiency)
  • Systems and technological transitions for sustainable development