Manufacturing sector needs constant innovation for not only designing and engineering their products and services but also to make up for scarce human resources. Then, the demand for customization of various products is also growing.

Businesses may have a proactive or reactive approach to innovation in manufacturing. They may look for unique and novel solutions to reduce their levels for waste, improve their product quality and design, increase their capacity to manufacture a wider product range, have lower turnaround times, and improve responsiveness to the needs and demands of their customers.

In such a scenario, Reurge offers you a dedicated expert team of scientists, engineers, product developers and project managers to help you come up with value-added manufacturing solutions.

Some of the types of manufacturing innovative solutions we work on are:

  • Blue Ocean innovation to capture unknown markets and create demand
  • Business Model Innovation (BMI) to create and reinvent the business
  • Disruptive innovations to create a new market and value network (often to replace an existing technology)
  • Eco-innovation to design products and processes suitable for sustainable development
  • Frugal innovation to design products and services for users with low purchasing power
  • Holistic experience innovations for consumers
  • Incremental innovation to make existing products and systems better, faster and cheaper,
  • Open source innovations or crowd sourcing technologies
  • Process innovation for implementing new or better production and delivery methods
  • Radical innovations to come up with new breakthroughs
  • Red Ocean innovation to get on the top of the cut-throat competition in the known market space
  • Service innovation to improve the client interaction channel or service delivery system