Medical Device

In the past few decades, technology has worked closely with medicine for advancements in the field of pharmaceuticals and the medical field in general to save millions of lives. Bluetooth-enable smart inhalers, robotic surgery, wireless brain sensors, 3-D printers, artificial organs and health wearables are some of the medical devices that have taken the medical world by storm.

Biomedical engineers, computing experts, and engineering experts from various other fields at Reurge work together to design, prototype and develop unique medical devices to find solutions to problems which has been puzzling the doctors and nurses all over the world even today.

Our team can help you with:

  • Cyber security for medical devices such as pacemakers, smart defibrillators which can transmit vital health information to medical professionals,
  • Mobile medical applications,
  • Medical equipment (or armamentarium) which includes:
    • Diagnostic equipment (such as MRI machines and CT scanners)
    • Diagnostic equipment to be used at home (such as glucometer)
    • Life support equipment (such as incubators and medical ventilators)
    • Medical laboratory equipment (such as ones required to analyze blood or urine samples)
    • Medical monitors (such as ECG and EEG)
    • Physical therapy machines
    • Treatment equipment (such as medical lasers and infusion pumps)

Reurge has the expertise to provide you the dedicated knowledge, skills and resources to make innovations in Class I to Class III devices as defined by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), US.