Farming is the economy’s main driver for most of the countries. And the field is not immune to latest technology developments and information revolution. Hundreds of agriculture tech startups are vying for their piece of the innovation market in the field.

Reurge has an enviable talent pool of agriculture scientists, biotech engineers, and ag-tech experts who are working on a number of innovation projects in the field – right from hardware engineering related to irrigation systems to cultivating future cash crops.

The Reurge team of agriculture innovators works in the various fields, such as:

  • Adaption innovations for climate change challenges
  • Agricultural engineering and farm mechanization
  • Biotech and nanotech tools to develop diagnostics and immuno-prophylactics for various diseases in animals
  • Conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources (from plants, insects and microorganisms that are useful for agriculture)
  • Development of e-resources to share agricultural knowledge and information and allow the farmers to reach out to different marketplaces
  • Development of improved crop varieties or hybrids, eco-friendly and sustainable crop production and protection technologies, and tools required for it
  • Development of new vaccines
  • Development of seed production and sustainable management models for fisheries
  • Horticulture
  • Improving reproduction efficiency of livestock
  • Intellectual property management
  • Livestock or poultry genomics
  • Nutrigenomics, Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Probiotics for enhancing nutrient utilization
  • Refinement of seed production technologies
  • Stem cell research for animal health and production
  • Sustainable management of natural resources

With the increasing count of the global population, it is getting imperative to get increased count in the production of food crop. On the other hand, there is a tremendous shrinking of the agricultural fields due to urbanisation meant for the increasing global population. Under these circumstances, technology in agriculture and technological changes in agriculture offers evitable solutions to produce more for the increasing population, in the shrinking land area for agriculture. It is here, that Reurge leads the interventions of technology in agriculture for producing more food for the increasing population.

Technology in Agriculture

Reurge has a reputed establishment in the domain of agriculture, where technology fulfils the need for innovative approaches to yield more food. It is a challenge for the researchers and the agriculturists to generate high-yielding seeds and generate critical ways of agricultural contributions. With the help technology in agriculture, innovative proceedings are led by the researchers and the agriculturists of Reurge. They are now capable of applying-

  • Automated provisions for weeding
  • Automated provisions for seeding
  • Automated means for harvest
  • Autonomous modes of tractors, and
  • Use of drones to get regular survey results from the fields.

Technological Changes in Agriculture

By the utilisation technological changes in agriculture, the Reurge’s researchers and the agriculturists are adding automated technologies in the agricultural units. The researchers and the agriculturalists at Reurge are gaining hold over –

  • Increasing demands of food,
  • Meeting preferences of the consumers, and
  • Managing the crisis of global labour shortage.

Apart from the high yielding production of the crops, the experts at Reurge generate technological changes in agriculture and thereby offer the most noted benefits of managing irrigation facilities in a state of decreased availability of water. It has been identified that the technological changes in agriculture have restricted the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the fields. With Reurge, all these aspects are beneficial in reducing the negative impacts over the ecosystems.

Future Technology

Reurge participates actively in the agriculture of the future. Reurge aims to offer agriculture with sophisticated modes of technologies. There will be the inclusions of sensors, robots, drones, and GPS-supportive devices. Advanced technological devices, along with precise robotic systems will make the farms get efficient, profitable, safe scopes for growth.

AI-based Weather Forecast

Contribution of Reurge in the agricultural sector gets recognised for its AI-based weather forecasting provisions. Reurge understands that farming depends on weather conditions and thus, Reurge offers supercomputers to forecast weather for the farmers.

Self-driving Tractors

Reurge is capable of offering driverless or self-driving technological support in handling tractors in the fields. These technologically advanced tractors work under the guidance of sensors, cameras and GPS systems. Through these tractors, Reurge made convenient arrangements for ploughing the fields, fertilizer distribution and planting of crops in an autonomous manner.


The testing of the DNA of the soil has attained extensive attention in the agricultural sector. Reurge has advanced this provision by adding automated means of delivering results about the soil condition. These DNA-check devices from Reurge makes the farmers understand the suitability of the crop in the respective soil, for high yield.

Tech-assisted Greenhouses

Reurge established the provisions of indoor farming by implementing tech-assisted advanced greenhouses. The sensors in these greenhouses allows the farmers to monitor the humidity, temperature, level of CO2, and moisture content in the plant. Moreover, the farmer gets the capacity to control the cooling-heating, irrigation, humidifying of the plants as necessary. All these facilities can be made possible by the scopes of remote management technologies, as adopted by Reurge. 

Digital Marketplaces

Reurge has extended its technological support in the domain of agriculture by generating online business facilities for the farmers. Reurge has created diversified digital marketplaces with international contacts, whereby the farmers get empowered to sell or buy products all by their own.

Thus, by the advent of technology in agriculture and technological changes in agriculture, the provisions of cultivation, planting, seeding, harvesting, and even rearing and managing animals through professional support from Reurge, are getting convenient and highly effective. We offer extended developments that can also be maintained in the domains of horticulture, aquaculture, and floriculture. Eventually, with us, the intervention of technology in agriculture and technological changes in agriculture get considered as a boon and is the need of the time.