Water Harvesting

The demand for water harvesting innovations is on the rise. From collecting raindrops on the rooftop and collecting them in the tanks of the courtyard to artificial wells where rainwater is stored for the communities to conserve rainwater and river water runoffs during the monsoon season and floods, the concept of water harvesting is quite ancient.

Today, we use absorption pit or well method, well cum bore method, and recharge trench cum & injection well to introduce Artificial Recharging of water. For rainwater harvesting, we use percolation pit method (with or without bore method), bore well with settlement tank, or open well method with filter bet stump.

Reurge's water harvesting innovation experts can help you with:

  • Environmental-friendly innovations in water fixtures
  • Impact of land cover and land use change on hydrology
  • In-situ rainwater harvesting
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Social, economic, environmental and ecological impact of rainwater harvesting
  • Storage for ground catchment systems
  • Techniques to recharge ground water.