Reurge can help you with all types of innovation your company needs. This might be related to inventing new products, brainstorming about new and original business model that suits you best, and come up with new processes to help you fulfill your business goals.

Our creativity experts and experienced project managers identify relevant trends in your industry, your target markets, and your clients; while our researchers and innovators come up inventions that push you to be a market leader in due time.

In industry 70% of executives believed that their business models will soon become outdated and need to be revamped. 90% thought that innovation was vital to the growth and success of their business in the future. R&D delivers both the knowledge and technology needed for innovation in your industry.

Reurge stands to help you with this trend and make innovations a reliable part of your business growth and success strategy.

Innovation Consulting Firm

Reurge, as a Consulting Firm follows the norms of generating all kinds of innovation ideas and management systems, which enables its clients to meet their business objectives. It is the problem-solving and capability to meet challenges through innovative ideas that makes us one of the most efficient innovation consulting firms in the global market. Our creative experts are meticulously involved in investing new products, generating newer forms of business models to meet the organisational challenges of your company. In a way, our responsibilities as an innovation consulting firm are to generate necessary guidelines and proceedings to offer growth and sustainability to your business.

The prolific sectors, where Reurge has established effective business development approaches are- Agriculture, Automobile Industry, Aviation, Banking & Finance, Bio Medical, Energy Material, Environment, IT, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Water Harvesting. These are the domains where Reurge gets recognised as an innovation consulting firm, which is efficient to hold adequate scopes and opportunities for the clients. We are identified for adding extensive competitive advantages to these domains of international business. With adequate analytical skills our consultants are able to assess the abilities and challenges of these domains and thereby offer absolute strategic plans your company. 


The innovation team of professionals at Reurge are offering extensive technological support to the agricultural sector. Managing challenges led by climate change challenges, implementation of biotech and nanotech tools, developing and sharing e-resources for agricultural awareness, and research based creations in the field of hybrids and new vaccines, are some of the major path breaking initiatives of Reurge.

Automobile Industry

In the automobile industry, Reurge has generated the facilities for AI-enabled robotic process automation and apps for Augmented Reality. Scopes for GPS vehicle tracking and Internet of Things-based tools for predictive analysis were much encouraged by Rurge for this industry. Our innovation approaches in smartening cars, integration of Smart home, and biometric seat & block-chain technologies are much effective n meting global competitive market.


Reurge remains fully committed in adding innovation to the New Distribution Capability (NDC) of the aviation industry. The presence of green power and vertiport infrastructures in the cities through Reurge have generated adequate credibility for its clients. Our technologically advanced management services in air traffic, vehicle performances, and offering tech-based apps facilities in flights, were adequately recognised in the global market.

Banking & Finance

Inclusion of finance in banking is a Reurge’s forte. Reuge is efficient in offering innovation approaches for crowd sourcing, mobile banking, e-banking, cloud-based computing, and services meant for banking-of-things. It is our highly skilled consultants who have emerged as per the need of the international market and added great niche to the sector for Banking, especially in finance.

Bio Medical

The medical experts of Reurge are recognised globally for being product engineers. The medical R&D at Reurge has successfully offered great innovation biomaterials and biomechanics to its clients. The healthcare domain has been much developed by Reurge by adding innovative inventions in sectors of neural engineering, pharmacogenomic testing, and neuromodulation. RNA therapeutics and robotic surgery are some of the most noted contributions of our R&D experts.  

Energy Material

The team of innovators at Reurge are efficient in generating materials for clear energy, along with the facilities of low-energy semiconductors. Such amalgamations are further enhanced by the offerings made in the fields of advanced solar cells, renewable and clean hydrogen, materials for thermal and degradation resistance, and nano-catalysts for remediation of diesel engine emission.


Reurge remains ethically committed in safeguarding the environment. Its participation’s in generating innovative ways of storing clean energy and sustainable water management are recognised remarkably. Its participation in developing management systems for transportation and technological transitions are innovatively noteworthy. Our engineers are highly engaged in developing environment-friendly storage technologies, followed by efficient grids for generating power.

Information Technology

The sector for Information & Technology (IT) has attained commendable contributions from Reurge. With our visionaries, you can avail the consultation services for cyber security, cloud computing, data analytics, visualization and deep learning provisions. Our innovative solutions in developing AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), ST (Synergistic Technologies), and BC (Block Chain) can bring in sustainability to your business growth.


Application of innovative solutions to the domain of infrastructure has made Reurge, one of the most dominant leaders in the world. The successful projects in the structuring business modules by Reurge are identified for their innovative combinations of equitable infrastructure, along with scopes for material designing and robotic responses. Our experts are engaged in developing GIS-based traffic management systems and various customer experience applications, which are different than all the available products in the current market.


Reurge is intensively participating in offering innovative solutions to the sector for manufacturing. Creation of new market and adding value network to the target markets are some of the major achievement stained by our innovative engineers. Revolutionising better productivity and developing user-friendly supply chains are the two very basic approaches, that adds great sense of responsibility to our R&D department.

Medical Device

Reurge is a leading firm for offering innovation R&D based products to the sector of healthcare. Offering cyber security to various medical devices has been recognised specifically for Reurge. Creation of highly efficient medical and diagnostic equipment has made Reurge, one of the most prestigious firm in the sector for medical devices.

Water Harvesting

Environmental issues related to water harvesting is the most critical concern of the modern world, and Reurge remains very responsible in resolving these concern. Our experts are offering innovative products, devices and solutions to the sector of hydrology, rainwater harvesting, ground catchment storage systems, and in recharging ground water.

The overall contribution of Reurge in resolving business and environmental issues are subject to get customised as per the demands of your organisation. Our researchers and technological experts aims to meet your organisational objectives and thereby aims to establish sustainability to your business.